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01. About Us

We Will Take Care of Your Problems Carefully

Our caregivers are dedicated to surpassing the needs of our residents every day. Our primary objective is to create an environment that promotes independence by offering a diverse range of amenities. We strive to ensure that each resident's expectations are not only met but exceeded.


At our facility, our caregivers have a mission to go above and beyond in meeting the needs of our residents. Our daily goal is to exceed expectations by creating an environment where residents can experience a sense of independence. We are committed to offering a diverse array of amenities that enable our residents to feel empowered and self-reliant.


As caregivers, our target is to surpass the needs of our residents each day. We strive to create an environment where their expectations are not just met, but exceeded. Our commitment lies in offering a broad selection of amenities that empower residents to feel a sense of independence. We aim to provide an exceptional living experience that goes above and beyond their needs.


02. Services

Everyone Deserves Our
Best Services


03. Why Choose US

Why Most of The People Choose S&A Private Care

S&A Private Care gives illimitable amenities to respect seniors so that they can feel free and independent. That's why people choose S&A Private Care.

Home Services

We provide exceptional home services, enhancing your living experience with luxurious amenities.

Safety & Security Guaranty

S&A Private Care gives safety and security guarantees so that no one can hurt or prejudice you.

24/7 CareGiver

Our goal is only ensure the resident needs so we are giving 24/7 CareGiver service for seniors safety.

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